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Effort to save Net Neutrality passes

On Wednesday the Senate approved a resolution to overrule the FCC’s Net Neutrality rollback. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai had loosened restrictions on how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could charge for providing services to users and websites last December. Pai has described these old rules as being overly heavy-handed. Opponents argue that doing so allows companies to take advantage of consumers.

The final vote was 52-46. The resolution would need to go to the House of Representatives and eventually the president before it becomes law.

Sources: NPR, New York Times
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For Ajit Pai and members of the FCC to create rules that benefit all Americans and bring about greater freedom.
  • For the members of the Senate and House to have wisdom on how to create meaningful laws surrounding the Internet.
  • For the Internet to be a place where people can honor God freely.