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Court Rules on Lawyer-Client relationship, and privacy within a rented vehicle

On Monday the Supreme Court issued their rulings on five separate cases. The large majority of media coverage surrounded the courts making it possible for States to legalize sports betting. However, the Court also made rulings in McCoy v. Louisiana and Byrd v. U.S. that shape how the constitution will be interpreted moving forward.

In McCoy v. Louisiana, the court was tasked with answering the question whether or not a lawyer conceding the guilt of the defendant, against that defendant’s wishes, violates the defendant’s sixth amendment rights. The Court found it to be the case that such a breach of the defendant’s wishes is, in fact, in violation of the amendment.

Byrd v. U.S. was a case that looked at, if someone was in a rental vehicle that they themselves did not rent, had the same rights to privacy as someone who was in a car they owned. The Court ruled that citizens have the same rights protecting them from unlawful searches and seizures regardless of if the rental car they are in has their name on the contract.

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As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For the Justices of the Supreme Court as they continue to deliberate on U.S. law.
  • For those involved in the legal system to be used by God to bring justice to the U.S.
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