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Interim Director of CIA to face full Senate vote

Following her nomination to CIA Director by President Trump, Gina Haspel is slated to face a full Senate vote. Interim Director Haspel received 10-5 approval from the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday of last week. The committee’s approval has advanced Interim Director Haspel’s hearing, and the full Senate vote could happen as early as Thursday, May 17, 2018.

Several White House Officials and Congressmen have publicly supported the Senate’s confirmation of Interim Director Haspel including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Senator John Cornyn, and Former Chief Counsel to Senator Dianne Feinstein Steven Cash.

Regarding her confirmation, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats stated, “She [Interim Director Gina Haspel] represents the best we have to offer as a country. Gina is a trailblazer who has earned this opportunity by serving this country in challenging assignments at home and abroad. I, along with the CIA and entire Intelligence Community, am eager to have her at the helm of the CIA.”

Sources: CBS, CNN
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For the Senate as they deliberate and vote for Interim Director Haspel, for peace, clarity, and unity
  • For Interim Director Gina Haspel and her family as they wait for the Senate’s decision, that they would have peace 
  • For the Lord’s Will to be accomplished through the Senate and Interim Director Gina Haspel whether or not she is confirmed as CIA Director