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Allows Access to Experimental Drugs for Terminally Ill

The House will vote Tuesday on a newly released Right-To-Try Act aimed at letting very sick patients request access to treatments the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved.

President Trump called on Congress to pass this legislation in his State of the Union address in January. Vice President Pence is also a stanch supporter of right-to-try laws, signing such a bill when he was governor of Indiana.

The Senate passed a different version of the bill last year, so the new version will have to be sent back to them, if it passes.

Proponents of the measure contend that terminally ill patients should have every tool at their disposal to try a drug to potentially help them, and that the decision to do so should be between a doctor and patient, not the patient and the government. Opponents argue that the measure would likely do more harm than good, and that the current FDA regulatory program is there to protect patients.

Sources: The Hill, Washington Times
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For wisdom for members of the House as they vote on the right-to-try legislation
  • What such a bill could mean to individuals who are terminally ill and seeking every avenue to continue their lives.