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Waiting on rulings to help determine the next steps

Monday, March 12th, President Trump said that he is “watching court cases and rulings” before taking action on gun control. In an effort to gather the best information to make a lasting difference in school violence, the president has been meeting with a lot of different groups and weighing a variety of options.

When the White House released its plan to combat school shootings, the minimum age increase was omitted. But it does leave room for the possibility of arming teachers. This idea was suggested last month and the president said that his hope is that this would intimidate potential future school shooters, discouraging them from entering the building. He has considered offering bonuses to teachers willing and able to carry weapons.

"If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms," he said, "they could very well end the attack very quickly." The President said, adding that special training would be necessary for the gun-carrier.

Currently, the White House is backing a bill to increase background checks for those looking to purchase firearms.

Sources: BBC, Reuters, US News, White House
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • Pray for President Trump, that the Lord would guide his steps in this process.
  • For wisdom for lawmakers as they examine every side of this difficult issue and move to create laws that could better protect our country.
  • Over the families and friends of those lost in the tragic shootings across the United States.
  • Pray for a wise and empathetic heart for the Church nationwide, as we seek to minister to those affected.