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Talks American-Swedish alliance and economic

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, President Trump and Prime Minister Löfven of Sweden had their first meeting at the White House in the East Room. During the meeting, the president thanked the prime minister and his staff for their cooperation and attendance. President Trump then affirmed the ties between the United States and Sweden. President Trump noted the shared values and partnership between the two countries.

The president and prime minister discussed plans to increase the collaboration between America and Sweden in terms of economy, security, and common defense. From the meeting, President Trump and President Meets with Prime Minister Löfven discussed bilateral agreements for both nations to prosper economically. The primary item on the agenda for the bilateral agreement was for a $3 billion defense deal between the United States and Sweden. Other items include improving trade regulations and sharing job markets.

As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump as he continues to establish relations between America and Sweden
  • For the presidential staff and members of the administration who will help the president achieve improved relations
  • For the outcome of the president and prime minister’s meeting to be beneficial to both parties and achieve improved economic, defense, and security ties
  • For the Lord’s Will to be accomplished through the outcome of the meetings