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Christ the Savior Is Born

IPrayRadio's 10th Annual Christmas Celebration

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Presidential Prayer Team!

We hope you enjoy this commercial-free collection of traditional and sacred Christmas music playing 24/7 through the end of the year. Listen on any device with our IPrayRadio player and get into the reason for the season!

Call 800-318-8338 Now and Leave a Personal Prayer

Record Your Prayer for America

Record a prayer from your heart to lead and encourage other members of the prayer team as they pray along with you. Pray for the president, our country, or a local or national leader. Your prayer will be aired on streaming from November 28-December 31.

Get started by calling in to our prayer room that will guide you along with simple instructions.

It's as easy as DIAL and PRAY!

We recommend a minute or less and please do not share any personally identifiable information. We reserve the right to remove any recordings.
Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal

Your companion for praying through the leadership of the United States every day.
Available as an annual collector's set or individually.
Get Daily Updates

Get Daily Updates

Receive daily email updates on how to pray for the president, the nation's leaders, and our country in the midst of current events. Sign up for our Daily Prayer Briefing email today.


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