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Praying for America
Praying for America
Christmas’s true message gives hope to all mankind. It is a clear reminder of God’s continual intervention into our lives and how He cares about the smallest and greatest details.

You are the prayer team! You and thousands like you bring hope through your dedication to continued prayer for our nation and our leaders. The president is empowered by God (1 Timothy 2, Proverbs 21:1). But, His greatest abilities are fueled by the prayers of God’s people.

It’s true! And our country is growing apart – most messaging from Washington comes with two or more versions -- leaving you and me to discern what is the truth. Government, politicians, and faith leaders are peddling prescription messages for what ails our country.

Our country has allowed God to slip from #1 in our sight. It started with denying prayer in public schools many years ago. Today, even some members of our Congress want to remove “In God We Trust” from their view.

Ravi Zacharias, the well-known theologian said, "What we need, morality cannot solve... The problem is entirely spiritual, not moral.”

I could not agree more! So where do we find the cure?

Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain of the United States Senate, points us in the right direction. “Imagine what would happen if we sought God as our first option—not the fourth or fifth.  … By God’s grace, let’s get back to prayer!”

Our answer to this spiritual issue is prayer and allowing God to be FIRST once again.

The Presidential Prayer Team is declaring 2020 as a YEAR of PRAYER. The Apostle Paul, in 1 Timothy 2:1, says, “I urge you, first of all, to pray…”  As Christ followers, we need to begin in our own hearts and do what we do best – pray and care for others – so, as verse two concludes, “that we will live quiet and peaceful lives.”

We are excited to see what God will do for America as we commit to coordinated prayer for 2020. We desire that you fully see the vision as well. It is up to you to help us reach more and more praying Americans. As YOUR prayer team, we continue because of your participation and, with your prayers and generous support, we know big things are ahead.

This year's $395,000 goal is for the first portion of programs for 2020. In the final week of December, The Presidential Prayer Team raises nearly one-fourth of its entire 2020 operational budget. It’s during this time that most prayer team members give. The goal for this year-end is prayerfully based on the generosity of our members in previous years and with faith that God will provide in the year ahead. While it may seem like a big goal, when thousands of members give, the total goal is quickly within reach. We invite you back here to witness the excitement of the final hours.

Because of the importance of setting a firm foundation for next year -- your gift at this time will be matched dollar for dollar. Please consider your best gift today to help the team grow and become a force for change through prayer in 2020.


Jim Bolthouse

P.S. Don't delay and let this matching gift opportunity pass you by. If you start an ongoing monthly donation of any amount, your first 6 months will be matched as well!