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Join Millions of Americans in Prayer

We Pray for America

America joins together on the first Thursday of May each year, turning to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals, in observance of The National Day of Prayer.

Be a part of that by signing up for the largest prayer room online for the National Day of Prayer! Join millions of Americans across the country as we take time to recommit ourselves to praying for our country and leaders.

Sign Up and Be Ready for the National Day of Prayer

National Online Prayer Room

Reserve a time to come and pray on Thursday, May 2nd, with Americans from across the country. Let's blanket America and our leaders in prayer and show the world that truly it is in God that we trust.

National Day of Prayer is May 2, 2019

National Day of Prayer Main Page

Continue to the National Day of Prayer main page for our national prayer and top national leaders to be praying for.

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