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Show America the Power of Prayer


America's Prayers and Birthday Messages

An outstanding response this year with over 139,914 Americans participating!

Across social media, email, phone, and this page, people like you were telling us that they were praying with over 17,809 personal prayers and birthday messages collected for the president!

(Keep scrolling below to read some of the prayers and messages from across the country.)


This year's birthday prayers and messages is closed. To be reminded of future prayer events as well as next year's birthday celebration with prayer, leave your name and email below and we will send you a reminder by email!


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We, the American people, unite in prayer for President Trump as he celebrates his 73rd birthday.

Dear President Donald Trump, we continually pray for the Lord to protect, strengthen, and guide you and your family during this critical time in our nation. We witness the mounting opposition to the things we hold so dear, including our faith and family values. We desire to be a spiritual source of steadfast encouragement as you lead our great country and face its ever-changing challenges.


America Prays

Prayers and Messages

These are prayers and messages left by Americans across the country for President Trump.
(Due to the personal nature of some comments, not every message can be shared.)

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